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How to Protect Your Fashion Investment With Care Part 1

ffblogbutton125_3 (2)Style on a budget is a combination of creating fashion forward looks without breaking the bank. Once you have scored that all important good deal, you must then follow certain steps as a means of extending the life of your wardrobe. The following is the first in a two part series on how to protect your wardrobe investment.


Storing your garments properly is an essential part of extending the life of your garment. If you are storing your clothes for a season or longer, then ensure they are stored in a place that is free of moths, moisture or sunlight, all of which will damage your wardrobe. 

images clear nail polishCreative New Uses For Clear Nail Polish
Shiny clear nail polish isn’t just for solidifying a great manicure anymore. You can actually use your nail polish to extend the life of your garments. When you first get a new top, seal the buttonhole with clear nail polish in order to avoid losing a button to a snagged thread. You can also use clear nail polish to seal the ends of your shoelaces in order to avoid deterioration.

Extend the Life of Your Handbag
Moisture mean death to a leather handbag, so it is important to store your handbag properly when it is not in use. Store your handbag in a dry location and then stuff it with newspaper and leave it unzipped in order to absorb moisture and retain shape. 

images shoesExtend the Life of Your Shoes
Shoes are another large wardrobe investment. In fact, I have two closets devoted entirely to my shoe collection. It is important that you care properly for such a large investment. Use spray starch on fabric shoes in order to avoid having dirt sink into the fabric and stain the shoe and breakdown the fabric.  If you find that your shoes have become wet with sweat or moisture, sprinkle the inside of the shoe with salt to absorb moisture and eliminate odor.

Caring for Patent Leather
Whether it is your shoes or your handbag that is patent leather, either way proper care is essential to extending the life of your purchase. Use vinegar in combination with a soft cloth as a method to return the shine to your patent leather.

Top 5 Style Savings Tips

It is  one  thing to be able to create fashion forward style but it is quite another to be able to pull off that same style with limited funds.  In an effort to build my wardrobe to the desired level, I have created my top five list of must use techniques to keep your money where it needs to be: in your bank account.

Dump the cookies

We have all heard of the dreaded cookie, but do you really know what they do behind the scenes? Retailers determine the offers that they send their customers based on the information that they gain from tracking your shopping habits with cookies.  If you want to get better offers from your favorite stores then periodically dump the cookies attached to your computer.  Once your cookies are dumped you will look like a new customer to your favorite retailer which means that they will offer you a better deal to make your first purchase and entice you to become a loyal customer.

dollar signs

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Styling the Nautical Trend

Last year I got to check an item off my bucket list when my family took our yearly vacation. As a girl I watched Shag over and over and fell in love with the idea of visiting the Grand Strand on Myrtle Beach. Last summer we spent a week on the shore and it was everything that I had hoped it would be. During my trip though I was faced with a fashion challenge. How would I tackle the nautical look without coming across as cliché?

Color Combinations
The first step in creating top-notch nautical style is to choose your color combinations. When it comes to nautical style your look is usually created using a combination of red, navy, white or khaki. Start by selecting your primary color in either red or navy. Avoid using the two colors together because that can often read more American flag than nautical style. Next, choose either white or khaki as your bottom color. Once your color palette is selected then you are ready to begin building your style. cute

Style tips
The color combination that I prefer to work with when it comes to nautical style is navy white and khaki. I use those as the basis of my look to channel the nautical feel and then add accessories to pull the look together. Some designers will add nautical embellishments to their t-shirts and jackets but I usually avoid those as they limit the overall wear of the garment. Instead of using those garments, I opt for accessories that have a nautical twist like anchor necklaces, drawstring bags, and boat shoes with rope accents. In this look if you needed to you could trade the shorts for a capri and the short sleeve shirt for a 3/4 length sleeve to make the look work in both summer and spring.

By following these simple tips, you will transition your nautical style to dry land with easy. Now, its your turn to sound off. How many of your will rock the nautical trend this season?

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Choosing the Perfect Dress

I will admit that the dress is not my favorite piece in my style arsenal. In fact the thought of my thighs rubbing together is a mental image I could do without. Having said that, the ability to choose the perfect dress is a necessary skill for any woman. If you are going to do something, you may as well do it right I guess.

Creating Shape

The is most important thing that any piece of clothing can do for you is to create the right shape. Shape is created by placing design elements in the appropriate place on the garment. In the pieces featured above, shape was created using several techniques. First of all, the belted waist will accentuate the smallest part of your body and create an instant hourglass shape. The other dress created shape by gathering at the bust line and flaring out. When it comes to that method of creating shape, always try the garment on. For the garment to be the most flattering option possible it is essential that the line at the bust fall in the right spot, otherwise the overall look will be very awkward. Also, depending on the size of your bust, the flare can sometimes create a box like shape.

Choosing the Perfect Dress

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A Balanced Closet

Is your closet balanced? It is virtually impossible to create a fashion forward wardrobe without starting with your closet. A versatile wardrobe is achieved when you have the perfect balance of several wardrobe elements.

Tops Versus Bottoms

The biggest mistake that people make when they are building their fashion forward wardrobe is that they do not invest in the proper balance of tops versus bottoms. In order to create the most versatile wardrobe possible the majority of your wardrobe should be composed of tops. In fact the perfect balance is a 70/30 ratio with 70 percent of your wardrobe dollars invested in the tops in your closet. People remember your top more vividly than they remember the pants that you are wearing so by investing your wardrobe dollars in tops, you are able to create the perception that you have more outfits that you actually do.

Creating a Balanced Wardrobe

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