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The Fashion Forward Formula

Creating fashion forward style is about mastering four basic style elements and creating variations of those elements using pieces that you either currently own or are about to purchase. The four elements that you need to create any look with fashion forward style are a basic piece, an interest piece, a finishing piece and a statement accessory. Before your next big shopping spree decide which of these elements you are in dire need of and work from there. If you keep those thoughts in mind as you shop, you will avoid squandering those valuable wardrobe dollars.

The Fashion Forward Formula

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How to Remain Fashion Forward on the Road

No matter who you are whether it is for work or pleasure, at some point you will need to take your fashion forward show on the road. The challenge then becomes how you remain fashion forward with a limited wardrobe. There are a couple of easy tricks to stretching your style while on the road.

Begin With the Basics
It is essential to plan your travel wardrobe in much the same way that you plan your total wardrobe. Begin with the basics as you create your packing list. Focus on packing a minimum amount of bottoms as you pack. Remember that people will focus more on your tops than on your bottoms so you want to leave as much room as possible for your showstoppers. If necessary you can always wear a bottom on more than one occasion. Then, think about any other staple pieces that you will need in terms of layering. A light jacket or cardigan can function as a top during the day and a layering piece in the evening. Make your travel statement with embellished tops or must have jewelry since they tend to take up less room in your suitcase.

The Tops Have it

How to Protect Your Fashion Investment With Care Part 2

ffblogbutton125_3 (2)Welcome back to the second part in our series on how to protect your fashion investment. If you missed anything please click here: How to Protect Your Fashion Investment Part 1. Now for today’s tips and tricks:

Pay Attention to the Care Instructions
One of the costliest mistakes that people make when it comes to managing their style is failing to read the care instructions on a garment. Those care instructions are meant to extend the life of the garment. Following them closely will result in you saving money by not having to replace your garments as often. Dark colors should be washed in cold water. Light colors should be washed in warm water. Wash your whites in hot water.  When you are washing your clothes, turn them inside out in order to prevent fading and reduce pilling. Finally, use a mesh bag to wash your delicate items so that they do not become trapped in the drum of your washer.

Invest in Quality Hangers
images hangersQuality hangers are another way that you can extend the life of your garment. Garments that are hung using the wrong hanger will sag over time and lose shape at the shoulder. If you buy a sturdy hanger your garment will continue to be of use season after season again saving you money by eliminating the need for a replacement garment.

Your Closet is Key
Your closet is another key when it comes to extending the life of your wardrobe. Do not overcrowd your closet in an attempt to hang everything up. Clothes need to breathe in between wears and they are unable to do so in a jam-packed closet. Another reason to leave room in your closet is that when your clothes are packed too close together in your closet, you run the risk of snagging your garments on other hangers, belts, or embellishments on the clothes in your closet.

images stainTreat Stains
When it comes to treating stains, there are two important points to consider. You must treat stains as they occur and you must treat them correctly. Ice is a great tool to harden chewing gum and help remove it from a garment. Hairspray will breakdown an ink stain and help remove it from the garment. Soak a blood, chocolate, or soft drink stain in cold water before laundering to help break the stain down before laundering.

Treat Flaws
You must also treat flaws as they occur rather than waiting to let a small problem develop into a problem that can no longer be corrected, thus ruining the garment. If you find that a seam or a cuff is starting to loosen, take it to your local cleaners to be fixed before it becomes a flaw too big to fix.

Now, its your turn to sound off, what tricks to you use to keep your garments looking new?

How to Protect Your Fashion Investment With Care Part 1

ffblogbutton125_3 (2)Style on a budget is a combination of creating fashion forward looks without breaking the bank. Once you have scored that all important good deal, you must then follow certain steps as a means of extending the life of your wardrobe. The following is the first in a two part series on how to protect your wardrobe investment.


Storing your garments properly is an essential part of extending the life of your garment. If you are storing your clothes for a season or longer, then ensure they are stored in a place that is free of moths, moisture or sunlight, all of which will damage your wardrobe. 

images clear nail polishCreative New Uses For Clear Nail Polish
Shiny clear nail polish isn’t just for solidifying a great manicure anymore. You can actually use your nail polish to extend the life of your garments. When you first get a new top, seal the buttonhole with clear nail polish in order to avoid losing a button to a snagged thread. You can also use clear nail polish to seal the ends of your shoelaces in order to avoid deterioration.

Extend the Life of Your Handbag
Moisture mean death to a leather handbag, so it is important to store your handbag properly when it is not in use. Store your handbag in a dry location and then stuff it with newspaper and leave it unzipped in order to absorb moisture and retain shape. 

images shoesExtend the Life of Your Shoes
Shoes are another large wardrobe investment. In fact, I have two closets devoted entirely to my shoe collection. It is important that you care properly for such a large investment. Use spray starch on fabric shoes in order to avoid having dirt sink into the fabric and stain the shoe and breakdown the fabric.  If you find that your shoes have become wet with sweat or moisture, sprinkle the inside of the shoe with salt to absorb moisture and eliminate odor.

Caring for Patent Leather
Whether it is your shoes or your handbag that is patent leather, either way proper care is essential to extending the life of your purchase. Use vinegar in combination with a soft cloth as a method to return the shine to your patent leather.

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