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Introducing Shorts in Your Wardrobe

Introduction to Shorts

Blinded by the Bargain

Everyone loves a great bargain, that’s why we’re all here right? What happens though when you find yourself blinded by the bargain and end up with a closet full of mis-matched items and no real sense of style? The trick to creating fashion forward style is to know how and when to shop. No matter what the price of the item, a bargain is never a bargain if it hangs in your closet and never gets worn.  There are a couple of tried and true tips to follow that will ensure that from this day forward you are never blinded by the bargain again.

Summer Style

Choosing the Perfect Dress

I will admit that the dress is not my favorite piece in my style arsenal. In fact the thought of my thighs rubbing together is a mental image I could do without. Having said that, the ability to choose the perfect dress is a necessary skill for any woman. If you are going to do something, you may as well do it right I guess.

Creating Shape

The is most important thing that any piece of clothing can do for you is to create the right shape. Shape is created by placing design elements in the appropriate place on the garment. In the pieces featured above, shape was created using several techniques. First of all, the belted waist will accentuate the smallest part of your body and create an instant hourglass shape. The other dress created shape by gathering at the bust line and flaring out. When it comes to that method of creating shape, always try the garment on. For the garment to be the most flattering option possible it is essential that the line at the bust fall in the right spot, otherwise the overall look will be very awkward. Also, depending on the size of your bust, the flare can sometimes create a box like shape.

Choosing the Perfect Dress

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Creating A Flattering Wardrobe

In the latest edition our Fashion Friday Challenge we tackle the touchy subject of creating a flattering wardrobe.  The first point that we need to get out of the way is that no matter what your shape or size is, you can still create a flattering wardrobe. Part of your wardrobe journey has to involve embracing who you are. No one is perfect, so your own appeal first centers around knowing that you are who you are for a reason. Embrace that and that confidence will automatically translate into fashion forward style.  Once you embrace who you are, the next steps to creating a flattering wardrobe revolves around several key style selections.  In previous posts we tackled the styles and colors that are must haves. Today we will tackle the specific pieces and characteristics that create a flattering wardrobe.

Creating a Great Fit

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How Do You Know if a Trend is Right For You?

Welcome to the third post in our series about tackling some of the biggest fashion challenges life has to offer. Our first two posts centered around how to remain stylish as a mom on the go and how to master the mall. This week we tackle how to identify if a trend is right for you. This is a touchy subject around my house because I have a set of thirteen year old twins who like to offer their opinion/advice on what I wear. In this case, unsolicited advice is not always the best advice ever given. For the most part that means that I let most of what they have to say go in one ear and out of the other.  Some of these conversations though beg the question of how do you know if a trend is right for you? The pin featured below is an example of a trend that I am completely in love with: color blocking… but again how do you know if this trend is right for you?

How to Use Color Blocking
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