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How to Successfully Shop Your Closet

As part of achieving budget friendly style, you must become an expert at shopping your own closet. The more you are able to effectively create new looks from pieces that you already own, the less you will have to spend on buying new pieces to transform your look.

Green With Envy

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The Fashion Forward Formula

Creating fashion forward style is about mastering four basic style elements and creating variations of those elements using pieces that you either currently own or are about to purchase. The four elements that you need to create any look with fashion forward style are a basic piece, an interest piece, a finishing piece and a statement accessory. Before your next big shopping spree decide which of these elements you are in dire need of and work from there. If you keep those thoughts in mind as you shop, you will avoid squandering those valuable wardrobe dollars.

The Fashion Forward Formula

Style on the Go

Today marks the first segment in our Fashion Friday Challenge where we tackle some of your burning fashion topics. Today’s topic is how to remain stylish as a busy mom. This topic is near and dear to my heart because at one time I was the mother of twin toddlers (they are now 13) and it was all I could do to remember to brush my hair when the time came to hit the road. Lucky for me I found a few simple pieces that mixed and matched well so that I could be ready for any occasion at a moments notice.
Start with the Basics
If your basics are not right, style will never come. Invest in a minimal amount of bottoms as those will be the least memorable item in your wardrobe so they can be recycled in other looks. Choose a black trouser, a dark washed trouser jean, a grey and khaki slack for dressy occasions. Then, choose a chino style khaki pant, a skinny jean in a dark washed denim and black and a casual denim capri as the foundation of your wardrobe. Look for fabrics that wash well and are wrinkle free whenever possible. The less time spent ironing, the better. Choose one piece with interesting detail, in this collection that piece is the cream top with the tie at the waist. It is an excellent alternative to a plain top. Read the rest of this entry

Top Ten Fashion Rules to Follow From 2012

1. Every Women Needs A Great Pair of Jeans

2.Every Woman Needs to Own One Piece of Faux Fur
styling faux fur

3.Casual Friday Has Rules Follow Them

casual friday rules

4.Even Gold Lame’ Has A Purpose
styling gold lame'

5.The Cape Has Made a Comeback


6.All Pieces in Your Wardrobe Should Stretch Your Dollar

styling dresses

7.Everyone Should Have One Piece of Menswear Inspiration

menswear for women

8.Outerwear Is an Extension of Your Style Choose Wisely

fall outerwear

9.The Wrap Top is Universally Flattering

styling with layers

10.Red Has an Expiration Date if Not Styled Correctly
Styling red and silver

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First Rate First Date

A first date can be one of the most exciting and most frustrating experiences of your life. Will I like him? Will he like me? All those thoughts racing through your mind can lead to one anxious evening. The last thing you want to have to worry about on an already anxious evening is what you look like. Here are some go to best practices for flawless first date style.

What to wear

On a first date opt for a subtle style combo. Don’t try anything over the top that may wind up being too dressy for the occasion and leave you feeling  out of place for the rest of the evening. Consequently, the same principle applies when it comes to dressing down. The way you are dressed says a lot about you as a person. Make sure that you are not leaving him with the impression that you are already not interested by failing to take pride in your appearance on the big day. Look for something that is going to make you feel feminine but comfortable at the same time. Shoes are an important consideration when it comes to first date style. This will be especially true if you are not sure of your activity. In that case your best option is a flat shoe in a stylish print. That will convey your love of fashion while at the same time allowing you to function comfortably in multiple settings. This example is a great option and follows all the first date suggestions. The dark denim can be dressed up or dressed down depending on where your date will take you. The dress shirt as a layering piece provides a dressy vibe while the knit sweater can be tailored to achieve a casual feel. With the jeans you can easily pair a patent leather flat that will be dressy enough to show you care, but functional enough to wear in multiple settings. Top it off with the statement necklace featured here and a bracelet and watch and you are ready for anything.

what to wear on a first date

Makeup Tips and Tricks

A first date is very similar to a first impression in that you only get one. That memory is one that will follow you throughout the course of your relationship so it is important to make it a good one. When choosing makeup for your first date opt for soft, classic colors. This is not the time to bring out that bright blue lipstick that you have been dying to try. It is essential that he is not so distracted by your makeup choices that he is unable to concentrate on what it is that you are actually saying. Also make sure that you do not choose this particular opportunity to test a radically new technique. You will be nervous enough without worrying about if the false eyelashes that you tried for the first time are floating in your soup. Also, choose one focus area when it comes to eyes and lips. Do not try to be bold on both fronts. You want him to understand that you do put effort into your appearance, but it is also important to center his attention around one central area.


If you are looking to try something new on your first date, then fragrance is the way to go. Look for something out of the ordinary and maybe a little more expensive than you would normally wear. This is afterall a special occasion and you want to treat it as such. When it comes to applying your fragrance however, make sure not to overwhelm your date by applying too much perfume. He should not know what you smell like before he even sees you. Take into account too that some people have allergies or an aversion to certain smells and you do not want to make him uncomfortable either.

First dates can be nerve racking and the key to success is to choose an outfit that will give you confidence and make you feel at ease. Afterall if you know you look good, then he will too.

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