Casual Friday

As part of our Fashion Journey we created a series addressing the guidelines for what to wear on Casual Friday. The following excerpts are previews of each lesson. Please click the title links in order to learn more….

Defining Casual Friday With Style

As if managing office politics is not enough now if we want to be considered quote unquote promoteable we also have to manage our office style. One of the trickiest aspects of that style to manage is Casual Friday. This is a day where we get to dress down for comfort but must still portray a stylish facade. Depending on the rules of your office Casual Friday typically means you are given a green light to don your jeans or khakis. There are still a few simple rules to follow to ensure that you do not cross the dreaded fashion lines.

Fashion Friday the Best In Casual Style

Fashion Friday is finally here. Now is your chance to let loose and channel your inner fashionista. Our first lesson Defining Casual Friday With Class was exploring the rules behind the definition of Casual Friday. The lesson this week is mixing patterns with ease. Mixing patterns gives you an opportunity to add interest an attention to an otherwise bland ensemble. fashion line. 

The Swirl Wins It For Fashion Friday

In the first lesson in our series we identified the Building Blocks of a Great Wardrobe. One of the items we identified as a must have was the fitted dress shirt. Today is an offshoot of that lesson. While it is true that it is important to have some great basic pieces that will serve as the foundation of your wardrobe, you must also incorporate some patterned pieces that will provide flair. There are some go to patterns that are an obvious choice like zebra or leopard print, but part of being on the cutting edge of fashion is to look for patterns that are somewhat out of the box.

The Fashion Friday Take on Lace in the Office

Last week in Defining Casual Friday With Style , we explored the rules for using patterns in the workplace.  Today’s casual Friday lesson poses a simple question. Is a lace top appropriate for the office environment?


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