How to Remain Fashion Forward on the Road

No matter who you are whether it is for work or pleasure, at some point you will need to take your fashion forward show on the road. The challenge then becomes how you remain fashion forward with a limited wardrobe. There are a couple of easy tricks to stretching your style while on the road.

Begin With the Basics
It is essential to plan your travel wardrobe in much the same way that you plan your total wardrobe. Begin with the basics as you create your packing list. Focus on packing a minimum amount of bottoms as you pack. Remember that people will focus more on your tops than on your bottoms so you want to leave as much room as possible for your showstoppers. If necessary you can always wear a bottom on more than one occasion. Then, think about any other staple pieces that you will need in terms of layering. A light jacket or cardigan can function as a top during the day and a layering piece in the evening. Make your travel statement with embellished tops or must have jewelry since they tend to take up less room in your suitcase.

The Tops Have it

Consider Your Activities
While you are making your list of what to pack, remember to take into consideration all of the activities that you will be taking part in during your trip. You do not want to leave out a fashion necessity in your quest to save space. Think about things like meetings or family outings. Do you need a business jacket for an important meeting or a great pair of walking shoes for an outdoor activity?

Leave Room For Great Finds
Finally, do not fill your suitcase to the brim. It is inevitable that you will come back with more than you left with and you want to have room for the items that you will pick up on the way. In this day and age airlines are not kidding about their overweight fees. On a business trip to Chicago I once found that it was cheaper to buy a new carry-on case than it was to pay the overweight fee on the return flight home.  Think about the outfit that you will wear on both your arrival and return flight. If you are looking for a way to save space in your suitcase wear your bulkiest bottoms and shoes on the flight there and back. It is amazing how much weight just those two pieces of clothing will save you.

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I am a fashion obsessed working mom of twin teenagers. I have spent my career in the retail industry dressing others on a daily basis. Now, I must strike a delicate balance by remaining fashion forward and having my teenagers still acknowledge my existence. Follow me on a journey into my fashion world.

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  1. lisapollard965

    Okay I’m seriously in love with those shirts. LOL I know you gave great tips in there too, but I was distracted by the pretty.

    P.S. Thanks for linking up to the GtKY hop last weekend. Sorry for the late visit! 🙂

  2. Great tips! Swung through with the blog hop. check me out @ when you have time. Thanks:)

  3. Love these suggestions for on the road fashion! 🙂 I think it’s something people forget or discount! Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    Nikki at

  4. Great suggestions for tops to mix everything up with. I love the two black ones.

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