Styling the Nautical Trend

Last year I got to check an item off my bucket list when my family took our yearly vacation. As a girl I watched Shag over and over and fell in love with the idea of visiting the Grand Strand on Myrtle Beach. Last summer we spent a week on the shore and it was everything that I had hoped it would be. During my trip though I was faced with a fashion challenge. How would I tackle the nautical look without coming across as cliché?

Color Combinations
The first step in creating top-notch nautical style is to choose your color combinations. When it comes to nautical style your look is usually created using a combination of red, navy, white or khaki. Start by selecting your primary color in either red or navy. Avoid using the two colors together because that can often read more American flag than nautical style. Next, choose either white or khaki as your bottom color. Once your color palette is selected then you are ready to begin building your style. cute

Style tips
The color combination that I prefer to work with when it comes to nautical style is navy white and khaki. I use those as the basis of my look to channel the nautical feel and then add accessories to pull the look together. Some designers will add nautical embellishments to their t-shirts and jackets but I usually avoid those as they limit the overall wear of the garment. Instead of using those garments, I opt for accessories that have a nautical twist like anchor necklaces, drawstring bags, and boat shoes with rope accents. In this look if you needed to you could trade the shorts for a capri and the short sleeve shirt for a 3/4 length sleeve to make the look work in both summer and spring.

By following these simple tips, you will transition your nautical style to dry land with easy. Now, its your turn to sound off. How many of your will rock the nautical trend this season?

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  1. Myrtle Beach is on our list of places to visit, too! So great that you were able to go. I love this color combination! I can never wear the Nautical trend effortlessly, but this might be exactly what I need!

  2. LOVE this outfit! Very cute! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I love the nautical look-always have–a blue striped or red striped tee looks so good with a pair of white or khaki pants! White sneakers usually make the look–Wish I could go to Myrtle Beach-my Mom has been there numerous times and loves it!

  4. Very cute! I can’t wait for summer! Stopping by from Thirsty for Comments blog hop! You can check out my blog @

  5. I love the navy, white and blue! I’m with you on the accessories…as apposed to wearing a t-shirt with a big anchor on the front, which would never do!

  6. thebusymomsdiet

    Super Cute! Happy SITS Day!

  7. I absolutely love this look, however I have never managed to pull of stripes. This post, however, shows me an alternative – cover the majority of them up with a sheer shirt!! Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing.

  8. What a cute outfit!!! I love the accessories for it too 🙂

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