Choosing a Shirt Dress

Every spring and summer there is one option that becomes a go to option for simple style: the shirt dress.  The shirt dress is one of those items that can become a simple, effortless style statement and an easy option for creating style on a budget.

Choosing and Styling the Shirt Dress

Choosing the Perfect Shirt Dress

Choosing the perfect shirt dress is all about choosing the right color and length.  Neutral colors are always a great color choice for your shirt dress. In fact two of my favorite pieces that hang in my closet are black shirt dresses. I have a button up version that ties at the waist and a cotton version that gathers under the bust and then flares out to create shape.  During the summer, if you have a darker skin tone (which I do not) you can also choose a white shirt dress an a perfect style option.  This season if you are looking for a colored option, Victoria’s Secret has done a great line of pastel dresses that are fitted at the bodice and flare at the hip in order to create shape.

Once you  choose your perfect color option, the next factor to consider is the length of your shirt dress. Length is one of those tricky style choices that can make or break your outfit. There are two important factors to consider when choosing length. First you need to consider your own height. I am on the short side at 4 ft 11 inches which means if I do not choose the correct length, I look even shorter than I am.  Your shirt dress is the right length if it hits you just above the knee. The next factor to consider when choosing your shirt dress is the fit of your shirt dress. The button down version of my shirt dress is a more fitted option and must therefore be styled differently than the cotton option.

Styling the Shirt Dress

Once you choose your perfect shirt dress, the next trick is to figure out how to style it.  When it comes to my fitted shirt dress, I always pair it with a pair of black leggings with silver studded embellishments. It is especially important to consider leggings with fitted options in order to account for how short the shirt dress becomes when in the seated position. For the longer cotton version of the shirt dress, I always opt for a killer pair of printed boots. Especially when you choose a solid shirt dress, look for ways to add interest in your outfit using your accessories.

As always, now its your turn to sound off. How will you style the shirt dress this season?

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  1. Ooo, I love how you paired the black shirt dress with leopard booties. Total outfit inspiration! I already have the black shirt dress, just need the booties. Thanks so much for linking up today!

  2. Awesome advice and I’ve been on the lookout for a shirt dress. Coming into winter here I figured it would be a great staple for layering and it appears I’m right! Thanks for linking up with WW xo

  3. I love love love the leopard booties.. and now I wanna go shopping for shirt dresses myself, thanks for the great fashion tips!!

  4. I have worn my shirtdress with everything from flat sandals to tights and booties in the winter. Just an easy thing to wear.

  5. This is so true – mine from last year has actually faded I used it so much!
    Love the patterned one.

  6. I love shirt dresses!! They are so easy and comfortable whether working or playing!! I like denim shirt dresses or black–and this year I have to go out and buy some cause all the ones from last year are too big YEAH!!!!!

  7. omgosh the top left dress is great

  8. As a guy, I was for some reason fascinated by this. Thanks for linking up with Thirsty for Thursday.

  9. I find myself trying on shirt dresses, but never being able to figure out how to style them. Very helpful! I host a style link party every Monday and would love for you to join!

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