How to Wear the Tribal Trend

Some trends are bolder than others, which means that people may feel like some trends are not for them.However, before you completely write off a trend look for small ways to bring it in your everyday life.  One of the hottest trends this year is the tribal trend. Like many trends there are multiple variations of the trend which means that there are many variations in incorporating the trend into your wardrobe. If you are unsure if the tribal trend is for you, take a minute to consider the following tips and tricks before you write the trend off entirely.How to Wear the Tribal Trend
Know what qualifies as part of the trend
The tribal trend has multiple characteristics. The pieces featured above demonstrate patterns that are a part of the tribal trend.  By following the rules of styling patterns, you can easily bring the trend into your everyday wardrobe. However, the tribal trend is also represented through color and beading which means that you can let your creative juices flow.  Some of the most fashionable tribal trend pieces include bright reds and deep turquoises which can be extremely fun to play with.
Select Pieces That Speak to You
As with any trend, the pieces need to speak to you.  If you are not completely in love with a piece in the store, leave it there. If you do not love a piece in the store, then it will hang in your closet with the tags on mocking you for all time.
Know What You Are Going to Do With the Piece Prior to Purchase
Never purchase a piece without a plan. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is that they make a purchase and then do not know what to do with it. Before you leave the store have a plan for what you will do with your purchase. A plan will increase the likelihood of actually wearing the garment that you purchase.
Buy Into the Trend One Piece at a Time
Do not feel like you have to dress from head to toe in a trend in order to be fashion forward. In fact, especially when it comes to the tribal trend too much of a good thing is overpowering and falls into the no longer in style category.  The best way to rock this trend is to choose one tribal element and build the rest of your outfit in solid pieces around your tribal element. In this case less is always more.
A trend is what you make of it. So, this season what will you make of the explosion of the tribal trend?
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I am a fashion obsessed working mom of twin teenagers. I have spent my career in the retail industry dressing others on a daily basis. Now, I must strike a delicate balance by remaining fashion forward and having my teenagers still acknowledge my existence. Follow me on a journey into my fashion world.

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  1. I really like this trend. I want those shoes!

  2. I don’t think I could pull off the flats but I love those wedges!

  3. Love love love the shoe! How fun! I found you from TTUT at seriously Shawn! Thanks for all the great fashion tips! I could use it these days!

  4. I MUST HAVE those wedges. Seriously so cute. Thanks for linking up today!

  5. Love this! I love the trend but it can be to much at times! these are great ideas

  6. I loveee tribal!

    Thanks for linking up!

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