Go Red: Choosing and Styling the Color Red

In The Lady In Red, we began exploring the color red and how to style it to avoid looking like a Christmas tree. Today we are going to cover how to select and style this powerful color just in time for the Go Red Campaign.
Selecting the Right Red
Start your process by choosing the right shade of red for you. Ever person has a particular color palette that looks best with their skin tone, and the color red is no different. The clothes featured below are a true, but there are varying shades of red with each one looking best on a different skin tone. The darker your skin tone, the darker the shade of red that you are able to wear. If you have a very dark skin tone, then the best option for you is to select burgundy as your shade of choice. If your shade is slightly lighter than that, move into the lighter shade of red and choose any shade of red from the true red featured below to a dark brick red. If your skin tone has yellow undertones, then the best option for  you is to stick with the shades of red that fall into the berry family.  If you have a fair skin tone, then the color red can tend to appear very harsh so choose to rock a red that leans more towards the pink family.  Once you have chosen your perfect shade of red, then you must choose your favorite accent color to pair it with.
How to Choose and Style Red For Go Red
Choosing Accents and Accessories
Once you have chosen the shade of red that is right for you, then the time has come to choose the accent color that is right for you. The truer the shade of red, the brighter your accent color needs to be in order to balance the intensity. In this case, we chose to use the colors of silver, black and white in order to bring out the intense properties of the red.  You can also choose to pair other vibrant colors like yellow with your shade of red in order to create a unique look.
Fashion is always about self expression, but this month you can make a fashion statement and bring awareness to a great cause. Find your perfect shade of red and then spend the month rocking your own Go Red Campaign.
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  1. I’ve always loved wear red! Not as a main color, but it’s a great accent! Thanks for linking up at my Pin Me Linky Party.

  2. I love wearing red, but I barely own anything that color. Guess a shopping trip is in order. 🙂

    (Stopping by from SITS!)

  3. Cute stuff–especially the dress and the skirt. Visiting from SITS.

  4. I love Valentine’s, strictly for the opportunity to wear red. Great post! Stopping by from SITS, and I’m looking forward to your updates 🙂 Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi if you get the chance. Have a great weekend!

  5. I just love Red!! lovely blog!.from blog hop “live,laugh,love”..do visit us sometime and follow if you like!


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