Surviving the Spring Transition

This time of year is a weird time for the fashion world. It is not exactly time to pack up the winter boots and darker colors, but on some of the dreary days it may seem odd to be sporting those hot spring colors. You have entered the dreaded spring transition. This is the time of year where you may not be as clear on what color to pull out of your closet for the day. Never fear, we are here as always to answer the burning fashion question of what to do and what to wear…

What Colors are Appropriate?

During this time of transition take your cue from the weather forecast for the day. On those rainy, dreary days you are still safe choosing those dark colors. Then, in the case of a day of sunshine pull out those bright colors that we have all been dying to wear during the long, cold days.

Can I Mix Fall and Spring Colors?

Absolutely you can mix fall and spring colors. In the outfit featured below, we mixed the darker printed leopard scarf that I wore all winter with the lime green tank that I scored for spring. When paired together, they are the perfect combination for those in between days.


When Should I Pack Away the Winter Duds?

Winter duds have seen the last of their days by the end of January. As we approach Valentine’s Day in February we should already be prepared with a closet full of spring must haves.

What Pieces Will Survive the Cut?

Even though the end of January signals the time to pack up the winter duds, there are some things that will make the cut. Keep those long sleeve dress shirts out for spring. You can accessorize them with spring colors to make them appropriate. Your denim collection will serve you all year long so give them a coveted place in the closet.

The dreaded spring transition is upon us and if we want to survive the time, then we must make the right choices in terms of color and fabric. After all if we, the fashion forward don’t get it right…who will?

Oh so Amelia
Calm to Insanity


About @mfashforward

I am a fashion obsessed working mom of twin teenagers. I have spent my career in the retail industry dressing others on a daily basis. Now, I must strike a delicate balance by remaining fashion forward and having my teenagers still acknowledge my existence. Follow me on a journey into my fashion world.

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  1. Transition, whether in clothing, garden or decor is always the most challenging period of dressing/decorating. Probably, though, the most creative!

  2. Love that lime green top with that scarf…adorable! Thanks for linking up with the GtKY hop!

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