Choosing the Best Clothes For Your Shape

Choosing the Best Clothes for Your Shape

Yesterday we looked at how to choose clothes that complimented your skin tone. The other big component that determines which clothes look best on you is your own body shape. There are multiple body types to examine, and each shape has its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. Creating a fashion forward style is about embracing that shape and choosing a wardrobe that highlights those advantages.

Step 1: Identify Your Shape

There are several different shape options to consider:

Pear Shape: You have a pear shape if your shoulder width and your waist have a similar width and the width of your hips are noticeably larger than your waistline. This gives you the appearance of a pear.

Hourglass: You have an hourglass shape if your shoulder width and your hip width is the same size and your waistline is noticeably smaller than shoulders and hips simulating the appearance of an hourglass.

Straight: You have a straight shape if your shoulder width, your waistline and your hips are approximately the same width. These measurements will create the illusion of a completely straight line.

Dress your Body Type

Step 2: Choose the Right Style For You

Pear Shape:  minimize your hips and thighs by choosing a-line skirts and wider hemlines that create a balance. Create contrast by choosing a light colored top and darker trousers. Create interest by selecting a ruffled top or a tailored jacket that hits just above the waistline.

Hourglass: Choose a tailored look that highlights your shape. Use items like a belt at the waist or a wrap top that showcases the smallest part of your body, your waistline.  Choose a skinny jean that elongates the leg and showcases the waistline

Straight: choose a monochromatic look and then create shape by adding a dark color at your waist. Choose a tailored, fitted top and then create volume on the bottom with a full skirt.

Creating the perfect look is about embracing who you are and choosing your clothes accordingly. Every shape has challenges. Creating style is about embracing them and rocking a look with confidence knowing that you made the right choices for your figure.

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  3. This is great! Thanks for sharing! Stopping by from SITS today!

  4. I really need this advice, because I have no idea what shape I am. Most days I am just laptop shape, on top of blob on couch. Thanks to this advice.

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  5. Very cool. Not that I shop very often, but it’s great to have some info on how to pick the best styles etc for myself before I go. Thanks!

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  6. great blog! thanks for linking up w/ GYB link party, following on twitter! Happy Friday ~ Paula

  7. I always have such a hard time knowing what shape I am. I don’t fit into any of these categories either ;( It’s great idea to know how to dress for your shape though!!

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    I’m not a fan of my shape right now, but doing something to be more defined!

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