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Bringing Spring to the Office

One of the things that I love about fashion is that there are so many options available, it is almost impossible to get bored. I have talked a lot about getting outside of my box and today is no different. I found this leather skirt option and I was instantly hooked. I knew that I wanted to find a way to style it. Leather is a tricky fabric to work with in that if you style it wrong the entire outfit can wind up looking cheap. So, here are my guidelines for out of the box spring style.Bringing Spring to the Office

Styling Colored Capris

With the onset of spring comes the time for bold colors in fashion, and nowhere is that statement stronger than in the colored denim trend that has been sweeping the nation for the last several seasons. I will admit that in the beginning I was dead set against rocking this trend because I felt like at the end of the day I would always be looking like I was playing dress up.  This season though, I have thrown caution to the wind and decided to embrace the trend for all it is worth and you know what? I actually found some pieces that I love.Styling Colored Capris

How to Style Spring Pastels

If you are like me and are counting the days until the dawn of spring, then today is your lucky today. For me, spring is about retiring the dark jewel tones of the fall and winter and breaking out the bright bold colors that indicate that warm weather is just around the bend. One of the biggest challenges that people face in the spring is what to do with all of those pastel pieces that flood the racks of your local stores. Styling Spring Pastels

4 Easy Steps to Mastering the Mall in Style

How to ShopIn the second edition of our fashion challenge series we will be tackling the feeling that some people get as they enter the department store. Achieving fashion forward style can be an overwhelming feat to tackle if shopping does not qualify as your sport of choice. There are however some tips and tricks that if followed will help calm those feelings of anxiety that creep in as you pull into a department store parking lot.

Begin with an Edit: It is the Key To Focus

Before you can be prepared to hit the sale racks at your local department store, you must first determine what it is that you need to purchase. Determining what you need comes only after you have made an honest assessment about what works in your current wardrobe. If you have not worn a piece in the most recent season, you do not need that piece as part of your collection.

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How to Style Tweed

Every great once in awhile you come across a piece that stops you in your tracks and screams “buy me buy me”. I found just such a last month when I visited White House Black Market. My golden find was the tweed jacket featured below. I had seen just such a jacket in a previous edition of Instyle magazine and I fell in love instantly. When I found this version there was no way that I could turn it down. The fit was impeccable in that it hit just at the hip and was tailored at the waist creating an hourglass shape.  For those of you that have been following my quest to build the perfect wardrobe, take note that a tweed jacket is a must have for every wardrobe. The classic take on the blazer can be styled in a variety of ways in order to give it an excellent cost per wear. Read the rest of this entry

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