Stylish Wedding Options

FacebooklogoConsidering the date, I thought it was most important today to give my two cents about how to achieve style on a budget at all of the weddings that are happening around the world today.

Color Choices

Color is a tricky subject when it comes to selecting wedding attire. You want to be stylish in your own right, but you definitely do not want to upstage the bride on her special day. For obvious reasons white is a bad choice. What about black? The color that use to be relegated to the funeral parlor has now found its way as an option for evening weddings. The trick to pulling off black at the wedding is to do it with pizzazz and sparkle. Find a way to incorporate some sort of sequins into your look. The most obvious choice when incorporating sequins is to find either a sequined jacket for sequined top that can be paired with a pair of black trousers. If you choose to opt for a sequined  jacket then find a tank that has a vibrant bright color to provide a contrast against the dark color of your suit. Adding a touch of color will bring you out of that funeral style look and into stylish wedding attire. Next, it is also important to consider the wedding colors when choosing your ensemble. Another way in which you can upstage the bride if you show up sporting her colors on her day.

Dresses vs Pants

Once you have settled on a color scheme then you must decide on whether you will wear a dress or pants to the joyous occasion. If the wedding is held before 5 o’clock then the dress code is more causal than if the wedding is held after 5. Evening weddings are traditionally more formal and will lend themselves as an opportunity for you to try outs that hot little dress number that has been hanging in your closet waiting to get out. A day wedding is a great place where you can showcase a tailored pants suit with a bright color for flair.

Hair and makeup

Hair and makeup for a wedding should be clean and simple. This is another place where you want to be careful about not upstaging the bride. For an evening wedding pull your hair away from your face and use your jewelry as an avenue to make a statement  Makeup should be soft and subtle. Stick with pastel colors that will not draw unnecessary attention to you and away from the bride

Weddings are a joyous occasion. Remember their purpose: a celebration of the beginning of a new life together. Choose your style wisely and ensure you are a style addition and not a distraction at the big day.

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  1. I totally expected more pictures! I don’t get the date reference? is it because of the 12/12/12 thing? or did someone famous get married today?
    ♡ Jill

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