From Memento to Style Statement

As I began the process of organizing my wardrobe for the millionth time, I came across a section of the closet that has seen better days: my screen print t-shirt collection. Every year we go on at least one family vacation. This year it was Myrtle Beach, the year before that we were in Branson. At every stop along the way, I picked up a t-shirt as a memento of our trip. It always seems like a good idea at the time, but then I bring them home and they begin the process of collecting dust in my closet. This time, I was determined to find an alternative that would allow me to get good use out of all those family memories hanging in my closet. One such memory was the t-shirt that you see featured here. I bought this tank top years ago on my first trip to Nashville. My husband, several of my nieces and their husbands hit the Coyote Ugly there in Nashville.
Preserving souvenir tshirts

How to Style

When I first purchase my vacation memento, I do actually wear them before they are relegated to the back of the closet. When I style them, I typically follow the same style guidelines that I follow in my everyday wardrobe. In the outfit above, I made the focus of the outfit all about layering. The tank and the skinny jean created a sleek silhouette as the foundation of the outfit. The top layering piece was the added volume necessary to create the hourglass figure I desired.

Preserving After A Certain Age

You can only wear your vacation shirt as part of your everyday wardrobe for so long. Once a shirt gets beyond a certain age, and it becomes time to celebrate its retirement, then you have a decision to make. Do you want to part with it forever, or try to find an alternate way to preserve your family memories?

Make A Quilt

One option for continuing to preserve those treasured family memories is to make a quilt out of your t-shirts. The concept is similar to the one that has been practiced for new babies for some time. Simply choose the t-shirts that you want to feature. Then, cut a small square out of each shirt that will serve as the basis for your patchwork quilt.Don’t know how to quilt? No problem. Many of your local fabric stores can out you in contact with someone in your community that will create the finished product for you.

A Photo Collage

If you are not interested in creating a quilt, then you may opt to take pictures of your souvenir t-shirts and use them to make a photo collage.  Simply shoot some snapshots of those beloved treasures and glue them in an artistic pattern onto a canvas that you can hang in your home.

A Framed Tribute

Finally, you may opt for our final option for preserving those cherished family memories. Not all memories are created equal which means that not all t-shirts are created equal. In that case, you may not choose to preserve every memory in the same manner.  If you do not wish to preserve every t-shirt then you can choose a select few to preserve. Select the ones that are most important to you and then frame them. Most home improvement stores or interior decorating sites will have great ideas for creating an interesting framed display on your wall.

However you choose to honor those family memories, one thing is for sure the stories will live on forever.

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  1. I love the way you styled your vacation tee – and thanks for all the tips too, and sharing them with Visible Monday!

  2. I really like the collage idea! I’m visiting you today from Mommy LaDy Club’s linky, & I’m your latest e-mail subscriber. 🙂

  3. Hi – Just linked up via the Naptime Review hop! Loving all the fashion inspiration on your blog! If you get a moment, pay me a visit over on my blog:

  4. I like your style! And the great ideas you have for preserving those memories. I just stopped by from SITS to say hello; hope you will do the same.

  5. Blog hopping – exactly why I stopped buying t-shirts – lol!

  6. I love the idea to frame it!

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