How to Wear White After Labor Day

I spent all summer long searching for the perfect pair of white jeans to wear with all my multi-colored tank tops. Then, the question becomes what do I snow? I did not want all my hard-fought ever to be in vain. I was not ready to retire the jeans that I worked so hard for. The tried and true rule of not wearing white after Labor Day is now a thing of the past and I set out to shatter the myth that it is not with abandon. The most difficult thing about wearing white in the winter is that depending on how you style it, the outfit can appear to be very springlike rather than being fashion forward. To combat the risk of looking like I was ready for a spring picnic, I opted to pair the white jean with a fall pattern of brown and white. In this case, the top is one I have had in my closet for some time. I love it because of the cross tie at the neckline. I always get stopped when I wear it.

How to wear white after Labor Day

The key to pulling off white with flair is to choose a fall color to pair it with. This will anchor the piece and then keep it current. The other big key is to keep your whites bright. Nothing will kill a look faster than a dull pair of white jeans. Make sure that you properly bleach your whites after every third wash. This will keep them bright for life and keep you from having to replace them once a season. For a long time I avoided white because I was afraid it would appear dirty and stained. However, now I scotchguard all my whites before wearing them and bleach after wearing them and they look new every time. The morale of the story is that if done right, you can pull those white jeans off year round and get more bang for your buck.


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I am a fashion obsessed working mom of twin teenagers. I have spent my career in the retail industry dressing others on a daily basis. Now, I must strike a delicate balance by remaining fashion forward and having my teenagers still acknowledge my existence. Follow me on a journey into my fashion world.

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  1. I agree if you’re going to sport white then pairing it up with a festive color is the way to go.

    I am stopping by via the Tea on Tuesday Hop, following you in the social networks we have in common.

  2. I could not agree more about wearing white after winter. I love the outfit you put together. That shirt is awesome!

  3. I love wearing white after labor day. I honestly think it is one of the most beautiful ensembles during the Fall and Winter seasons 🙂

    Thanks for coming by and saying hello at Raising Reagan 🙂


  4. I just keep trying and trying to do this and I chicken out every time. Thanks for the push.

  5. I’m old school about white after labour day but mostly for me it’s about shoes and dresses 🙂

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰

  6. I love this top the neckline is great. I really don’t have any rules about when in terms of colours but I agree the styling makes a difference. Thanks for joining in with Wardrobe Weds 🙂

  7. White and red…perfect holiday look if ya ask me!! 😉 Thanks for linking up!

  8. i have a pair of white jeans if i’ve dying to style for winter – but haven’t been bold enough to do it yet… you’ve inspired me ..thanks for sharing. – glad i found your blog on the friends to followers link up and excited to be your newest follower!


    p.s. i’d love for you to drop by and say hi when you get a chance!

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