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Planting the Seeds of Spring Style

Spring is upon which means that it is time once again to look into our closets and begin building the foundation for the perfect spring wardrobe. Now is the time to evaluate what is already in our closet and what needs to be in our closet but isn’t. The latter part is my favorite, because that my friend signals a shopping trip in my future.  Start by evaluating all your spring pieces from last year. What type of condition are they in? Do they need to be sent to the tailor for alterations? Are there pieces that need to be replaced all together? If so, those pieces need to go on your must have shopping list. Next, it is time to ensure that you have the basic pieces that will be the foundation of your fashionable wardrobe.

 Skinny Jeans

The first item on your list should be a go to pair of skinny jeans. My favorite pair came from American Eagle. Choose a dark denim pair that can be worn for day or evening. Then, choose  a great pair of white skinny jeans that will be paired with all your spring time flats. Then, choose several pairs of pastel skinny jeans that can be mixed and matched with the tops of the season. Coral is always a great choice when it comes to spring capris, because it provides a pop of color without going too far out of the box. Then, you can build your capri wardrobe.


1. Distressed Capris

2. White Denim Capris

3. White Dress Capris

4. Black Dress Capris



Blazers & Cardigans

Finally, choose a combination of light colored blazers and cardigans that can be used as great layering pieces. Every spring wardrobe needs a tailored white blazer that can be paired with your capris and skinny jeans. Then, choose lighter colors to supplement the remainder of your wardrobe. It is also essential to have an ample supply of casual cardigans that can be used as the weather fluctuates. I have a hot pink blazer that I like to pair with floral prints and white jeans for the perfect spring look.

In the outfits featured above we have shown several options for spring cardigans that can be used for layering. Also ensure that you have the same colors in a tailored look for an option that would be evening appropriate. As we begin our journey into spring, it is important to remember that every great wardrobe begins with certain key pieces. The question is, do you have yours?

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Top Ten Fashion Rules to Follow From 2012

1. Every Women Needs A Great Pair of Jeans

2.Every Woman Needs to Own One Piece of Faux Fur
styling faux fur

3.Casual Friday Has Rules Follow Them

casual friday rules

4.Even Gold Lame’ Has A Purpose
styling gold lame'

5.The Cape Has Made a Comeback


6.All Pieces in Your Wardrobe Should Stretch Your Dollar

styling dresses

7.Everyone Should Have One Piece of Menswear Inspiration

menswear for women

8.Outerwear Is an Extension of Your Style Choose Wisely

fall outerwear

9.The Wrap Top is Universally Flattering

styling with layers

10.Red Has an Expiration Date if Not Styled Correctly
Styling red and silver

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Spring Forward with Fashion

With the dawn of a new year comes an anxious look forward into seasons to come. The coming of January means that it is time to start thinking about how to begin incorporating brighter, bolder colors into your wardrobe. We have spent the last several months embracing the dark colors that are a sign of winter and I don’t know about you, but I am ready for to give some love to the bright colors that have been hiding in my closet all winter long. January is the time to bring out colors like bright blues, and bright pinks that are so popular in the springtime. You can use some of those bright accessories with neutral tops as way to give a nod to spring or you can go all in a pair your bright top with a denim bottom and celebrate the change of season all day long.

styling blue and pink

In this outfit, I chose a royal blue and white combination as my bright color for the day. It is bright enough to give my mood a boost, but not so overtly spring that becomes inappropriate to wear in January. The light fabric is warm enough for a January day in Texas, but if your weather dictates another layering piece,  you can pair your royal blue top with a denim jacket or a white turtleneck for additional warmth. Now is the time to begin evaluating your closet and preparing for a new season. Bringing out bright colors means that we must be prepared to style them with flair.  Stay tuned as in future editions we begin our wardrobe transition from winter to spring.

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How to Repurpose Office Chic

Achieving style on a budget is about creating looks using recycled pieces. In this edition of style on a budget we are going to look at how to repurpose   a tailored blazer. For most, a tailored blazer is the option that we are required to wear to the office everyday, so we do not necessarily think to wear it at any other time. However, your tailored blazer that has served you so well in the office is also a great option for your casual wardrobe as well. In this version, I paired the tailored blazer with a simple white t-shirt, a faded skinny jean, boots and a statement necklace. This outfit is great for a casual lunch outing or for a date night dinner and a movie with your main squeeze.

Styling the Pinstripe Vest

The trick to making the tailored blazer work in a casual setting is for all of the other pieces of your wardrobe to be ultra casual. In this instance, the white t-shirt is the ultimate piece of casual chic in any wardrobe and is the perfect contrast against the pinstriped black blazer that is normally part of my dress code at work. The statement necklace is also in a soft white stone that helps tie the entire color scheme together. If you are missing any of the key pieces necessary to complete the look, today is a great time to hunt for some of those options. Retailers will begin today running clearance events that are preparing their spaces for the spring preview goods that are already rolling in. Make a list of the items that you are missing from your inspiration board and then begin your quest to fulfill those items.

This is a great time to pick up basic jackets for next year as well as boots for the remainder of the fall and any extra jewelry pieces that you may be missing. If you are willing to brave the crowd, you are sure to find plenty of steals and deals that make the trip worth your while.

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In Vest in Fashion

Now that the holidays are in full swing I thought it was time to look at some fun holiday outfits that are office appropriate. On Friday we looked at how to wear red all year long, and today we are looking at how to a vest to create a fashion forward option for the holidays.  A vest is one of those pieces that can used as a layering tool to add interest to your outfit. In the outfit featured below I used the argyle vest over the black dress shirt as a nod to holiday cheer. I have paired to vest in this case with a black dress trouser to demonstrate an option for an office that has a less relaxed dress code. If you are able to wear denim to your office like I can, you can pair this vest with a dark washed skinny jean and a black or grey knee-boot to finish off your look.


This vest is an option for how to style a layered look during holiday, but the same principles apply for styling a vest during the year. Each season, vests will come out in the hot color of the season and they are another affordable option to incorporating what’s new and hot for the season. When you choose your layering piece for your vest find a fitted option that     will help create shape. Use a turtleneck and or a fitted dress shirt that will coordinate with the vest. In this case, I chose a black dress shirt, but you could just have easily have chosen to pull the color grey out of the piece for an alternate look.

As you look to the New Year and begin to plan your wardrobe for the upcoming season build your layering options by finding great vests that will work well with dress shirts or turtlenecks that you already own. As the season begins to close, many retailers will begin to take major markdowns as they prepare for the spring season, which means this is a great opportunity to build your wardrobe for less.

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