The Jewel Tone and the Nile

My favorite color of all time has always been purple. When I was younger I would never purchase birthstone jewelry in my own birthstone (topaz, which I hate). I would always purchase amethyst which I thought was a much prettier stone. Now as an adult I look for ways to incorporate purple into my wardrobe whenever possible. This season I am obsessed with the combination of deep purple and heather grey. The dark jewel tone that is deep purple is a universally flattering color and a staple in any fall wardrobe. The outfit featured below is a new one I picked up for this season. The heather grey sweater is a basic piece that would be a great addition to any wardrobe. It is a neutral piece that would mix and match with any piece currently in your wardrobe. I styled it with the jewel tone top and the beaded necklace for a casual style. This would be a great outfit to wear for an afternoon lunch date or shopping trip with girlfriends.

Fall is all about the art of layering as we explored in Peeling Back the Layers of Style, ( In order to be able to layer effectively, your wardrobe must contain the proper pieces. One of those essential pieces is a lightweight sweater. A sweater can be used to provide style as well as added warmth, so it is important to choose wisely. If you are looking for the best value for your dollar, then choose your sweater in neutral colors. Colors like cream, black, and grey will provide the most versatility in your wardrobe as they can be styled with any other color with ease. If you are not as interested in price and value then look for bright, vibrant colors that will liven up your style. It is important when it comes to sweaters to choose multiple lengths. Longer lengths are great to pair with a skinny jean and either a flat shoe or a knee-boot. The most important thing to remember about sweaters with longer lengths is to tie them appropriately. In the outfit featured above, the sweater is tied at the waist in order to highlight the smallest part of the body. When you tie your sweater, make sure that you have the fabric flush against your body to avoid a bulky appearance. Next, choose several options for shorter sweaters that can be worn with your dress pants and khaki trousers. When you are styling these sweaters you can choose both long and short tanks to wear underneath. If you choose a tank that does not fall below the hem of your sweater, then make sure you tuck it in order to avoid a bulge at the waistline where the tank top bunches.


About @mfashforward

I am a fashion obsessed working mom of twin teenagers. I have spent my career in the retail industry dressing others on a daily basis. Now, I must strike a delicate balance by remaining fashion forward and having my teenagers still acknowledge my existence. Follow me on a journey into my fashion world.

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  1. I found you on the bloggy Mom’s blog hop. It’s funny that you layer for fashion, because i layer when work is unpredictable. Sometimes I sauna, sometimes a freezer. I layer for options 🙂

  2. great colours and combinations. Thanks for joining up with Wardrobe Weds :o)

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