It Takes Effort to Look This Good

We invest a lot of time on outward appearance. We scour the stores for the perfect head to toe look. We spend hours in front of the mirror perfecting makeup techniques and obsessing so that no hair is out-of-place. One area that we fail to invest enough time in however is choosing the proper undergarments for each look. Nothing kills an outfit faster than a panty line or a tacky bra strap. What we put on under our clothes is just as important as what the public is able to view. The same way that having a pair of jeans fit perfectly is important, it is just as important to have your bra and panty fit perfectly.

The first step in choosing the perfect undergarments is to have a professional bra fitting once a year. Stores like Frederick’s of Hollywood and Victoria’s Secret as well as all the  department stores have associates trained to look for the proper fit. These services are free of charge, and considering the fact that the majority of women are wearing the wrong size it will prove to be time well spent. Our body changes each year as we gain and lose weight so what was perfect last year may not be as perfect today. When selecting a bra, make sure to move around in it prior to purchase. Lift your arms above your head. Bend over and touch your toes. You want to make sure that the bra doesn’t move and shift with you. Your bra should remain in place and not let anything come loose with the movement. Otherwise, you will spend your day putting things back in place. That is not a good look. Next, it is important to have variety in color and style in your bra wardrobe. Everyone needs a good push up to wear with those tops we picked out for date night. Next,a bra with adjustable straps that can be worn as a halter, a racerback or strapless is key to avoiding that tacky bra strap look. Wherever you choose to buy your bra , you can also buy clear straps. This is another way to avoid exposed bra straps. Finally, color is another important factor to consider. Everyone needs a nude bra. This is the best alternative to wear under a white shirt. The nude color blends with most skin tones and eliminates the bright spot of white that happens when a white bra is worn under a white shirt.

Next, invest in high quality shapewear. These are important pieces that help create the shape illusion that we are all striving for. There are a couple of keys pieces to invest in that will be an asset to any wardrobe. The most important shapewear garment and the one I get the most use out of is the fitted camisole. I wear these under every shirt I own. This works wonders to hide my baby bump. (Never mind that my kids are thirteen and I may have long passed the right to call it that.) I have found that the one that works best sits just under the bustline. This version controls the tummy and lifts the bust. I do have the version that looks more like a v-neck top, but I find that it flattens the bust and is not as flattering. Next, the waist cincher is a must have. This will help create the illusion of an hourglass shape even when there isn’t one. The third critical piece is a high-waisted brief. This provides added tummy control when I wear dresses and lower cut tops. Finally, everyone should own a slip from the shapewear section. This provides all over control with minimal effort. I typically wear these under full-length dresses.

Finally, here are my must have picks for every budget when it comes to shapewear. I personally can not live without my Victoria’s Secret push up bra. These hold their shape even after multiple washes. They even have options to remove the padding for versatility. I do however find the most economical way to stock my collection is to visit during June and January for the semi-annual sale. I  do not always get the color I want, but you can not beat the price. I know there are a lot of shapewear options out there, but when it comes to results you get what you pay for. My shapewear brand of choice is Spanx. I have had my pieces for years and they look just as good now as the day I brough them home. So, remember don’t let that look fall flat because you didn’t start off with the right beginning layer.

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