There’s An App For That- The Fashion Forward Guide to Managing Style

Managing personal style can become a full-time job. First you have to inventory your wardrobe to ensure you have all the right pieces. Then you spend hours at the mall in order to  purchase the pieces you need to complete your wardrobe. Finally, you get it all in your closet and the question becomes what do I do with it now? There are many options for managing the personal style process that will not only save you time but will also ensure you give off the appearance of an effortless look everyday.

The style process begins with your inspiration board. An inspiration board is a reflection of the creator’s personality in more ways than one.  Some people prefer the original version of the board that hangs in your closet and is there every time that you get dressed. This version is a daily reminder of looks that you want to try.  You create this board by pinning photos of looks you have found either in magazines or catalogs onto a board that hangs in your closet. These photos can be categorized for easy go to outfits no matter what the occasion. The categories on the inspiration board in my closet include work, casual, and evening. This saves me time as I decide on what to wear on any given day. I hang the pictures on the wall and then hang the actual pieces together in the closet for added convenience. I no longer need to search multiple places to put my look together. My closet has become my own one stop shop.  These photos can also serve as the beginning of your shopping list.  I post looks that I want to try and then scour my closet for the pieces to pull the look together. Any pieces that I do not already own make it onto my shopping list. This enables me to have a plan when I hit the stores as well as monitor sales and coupons I am sent in order to get the best deals.  Other versions of the inspiration board are a little more advanced than a cushioned board in your closet. In this day and age of smart phones and mobile technology, some people prefer a high-tech version of an inspiration board.  I have mobile inspiration boards on my phone like pinterest and the my fashion assistant app.  Pinterest is convenient in that you can build multiple boards for different occasions and share them with friends and strangers alike. You can also do a category search and search for all women’s fashion. This allows you to find a broad range of style options.  Since you can create a pin from any website on the internet it  also makes it simple to use to create a shopping list that can be taken anywhere. Create a board and title it shopping list and then use that as your guide when hit the mall. I have recently discovered a fun new app that has quickly become my new obsession. My favorite new discovery is the my fashion assistant app. It allows you to take your entire closet with you when you shop. You can take pictures of all your garments and then create your own virtual closet.  Once your closet is created, the fun begins. You can use the contents of your closet to create outfits  and save them for future use. There is a tab to create a shopping list for future purchases that will complete wanted looks. The best part of the app however is the calender function. You can actually post the outfit you wear each day so that you can avoid repeats. That function is simply genius and a must have for all fashionistas.

Hopefully this journey into the world of inspiration boards helps you find your own fashion board inspiration. Remember the path to effortless style begins with inspiration.

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I am a fashion obsessed working mom of twin teenagers. I have spent my career in the retail industry dressing others on a daily basis. Now, I must strike a delicate balance by remaining fashion forward and having my teenagers still acknowledge my existence. Follow me on a journey into my fashion world.

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