Sunday is sign day-The Fashion Forward Guide to Saving a Bundle

Sunday is signing day in retail.  Before the doors open, there are busy beavers behind the scenes preparing the store for opening and the latest ad to break. Most sales run from either Sunday to Saturday or Sunday to Thursday (because a small ad will also set Friday morning on certain items). It is important to buy a Sunday paper because often times retailers will have what is called a run of press in there featuring their weekly ad. Utilizing this method means that you can pre-plan your method of attack prior to heading to the stores. Retailers will also often price match items from other retailers because they know if they do not, their competitor will get your business.

Buying a Sunday paper is only the first step in planning your savings attack. Next, it is important to understand the benefits of being a cardholder or part of a stores reward programs.  Retailers send exclusive coupons and ads to their cardholders which can save a bundle of money. Email is another way to save.  If you are not comfortable opening store credit cards, many of the same benefits are available for simply providing your email at checkout. Finally, stores also often have rewards programs available. CVS and Kroger may have been some of the first, but retailers have discovered rewards programs are big business. Utilize those to your advantage. Most stores will use these programs to track your purchases eliminating the need to have a receipt for returns. They allow you to accumulate points on money you were going to spend anyway and trade it in for free stuff if you join their program.

Holiday weekends are also a great time to shop. There are deeper discounts and retailers will usually run an extra percentage off their clearance on holiday weekends and on the last weekend of the month.  When it comes to extra percentage off days retailers like Dillards have an exclusive cardholder event the day before the offer is open to the public. Anytime you are shopping and do not have a coupon, do not be afraid to ask an associate if they have an extra coupon lying around, most do. For those retailers who do not offer a reward program, they offer some form of coupon program such as City Cash at New York and Company or Gymbucks at Gymboree. I just used my City Cash and was able to purchase four dress shirts for work and spent only $60.

September is the onset of fall which means that you will see initial discounts on things like jackets and boots.  You can pick up initial wants during this time period. For anything you do not pick up at the beginning of the season, mark your calendar for next year. These same items will have a deep clearance during an end of the season sale if you like to buy ahead. So, now for what you have all been waiting for, the deals of the day. J Crew has the best deals in basic bottoms today. They are running everyday chinos for $29.99.  My find of the day is the also from J Crew, they are running cords for $19.99. H and M has booties and a wedge boot running for $49.95. If you want to rock the colored jean trend Macy’s has a line for $27.98 that is an everyday value. If you need new black pants or want to play with winter white Macy has those items running for $29.99. Coupons of the day are from Express $50 off $175 (final day) and Bananna Republic who is running 30% off your online purchase today. Good luck on your mission today…feel free to let me know how it all plays out..

*My fashion forward blog is not affiliated with any of the businesses mentioned in this piece.  You can find all pieces mentioned in this piece on pinterest on my board titled my fashion forward blog.


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I am a fashion obsessed working mom of twin teenagers. I have spent my career in the retail industry dressing others on a daily basis. Now, I must strike a delicate balance by remaining fashion forward and having my teenagers still acknowledge my existence. Follow me on a journey into my fashion world.

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