Walking a Mile in My Boots- The Fashion Forward Guide to Fall Footwear Trends

The onset of fall is aways a trade off. I must kiss goodbye to the sunkissed days where my freshly polished toes are on display daily. The trade off is that now though, I have more time to peruse my local malls and outlet centers since that also means my weekly nail appointments are a thing of the past.  My favorite part of fall is footwear. I am a shoe junkie to the tenth degree. In a recent home renovation I actually convinced my husband that the linen closet in the hallway would serve a better purpose if it was converted into a shoe closet. I did however have to cover his ears when I told the contractor how many pairs of shoes would actually need to fit in said closet. Now, all are neatly placed on their own shelves and color coded for easy access. Did I happen to mention that I also may be a little obsessive compulsive? September brings with it an entirely new item to our shopping list. Enter the boot.

There is an art and a science to boot collecting and yes I did mean to use the word collecting. Footwear has the same basic principles as your clothing wardrobe. There are basics in footwear and there are trends. The amount spent on a given pair of shoes depends on whether or not that item is a basic or a trend item. Basics will be with you for multiple years throughout multiple seasons and therefore must hold up well. Trends however see much less wear (we do not want to be considered so last season do we?) which means that a stricter budget is necessary to get the most bang for your wardrobe buck. As you begin to build a footwear wardrobe there are a couple of main categories to consider. A simple riding boot in black and brown is one of the first purchases to make. These are boots that can be worn with both your skinny jeans in denim that we already purchased and the courduroy pants from that same shopping list. The next items to purchase are a bootie which will hit just above the ankle and have a slight heel. A black pair of booties can be worn with the black dress pant for an office look and the boot cut jean for an everyday look.

Now comes the fun part. The fall trends are where you can take your wardrobe from oh to oh my. My favorite trend this fall is the cut out. Designers from all walks of life have put their spin on a patterned boot. The ones featured at the bottom of the page are my favorite for this season and are from my shoe closet. These boots are an interesting addition to some of the basic pieces that we have accumulated thus far. When it comes to shooping trends for the season I find that shopping moderate stores are better. I got the boots you see at the bottom of the screen at Sears for $59.99 piece. (In the interest of transparany, I want to disclose that I do work as a store manager for Sears Holdings and this blog is in no way affiliated with the company.) I bought them in both black and tan. Another great place I have found to shop at for trend shoes is Claire’s Boutique. I have a pair of leopard knee boots that I wear with all black and I get three to four compliments per wear. Everyone asks me where they came from and if they still have them. The answer is yes. Not only did they bring back the leopard version this year, there is also a pattern in silver and black.

The final tip I have for shoe shopping is my personal favorite. Always know your size conversion. While being petitie can be a curse when shopping for jeans, it is a blessing when shopping for shoes. I wear a five and a half in womens shoes but can fit in a kids size 3. The difference in price for the red adult Converse tennis shoes I looked at and the red kids Converse tennis shoes I bought was almost thirty dollars. So try that on for size and see if you can’t save a few dollars.

Having said that, the shoe buying season is long and you’ve got to trust it. Happy shoe hunting…

booties to die for


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I am a fashion obsessed working mom of twin teenagers. I have spent my career in the retail industry dressing others on a daily basis. Now, I must strike a delicate balance by remaining fashion forward and having my teenagers still acknowledge my existence. Follow me on a journey into my fashion world.

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